This post is late just like last weeks but hopefully i’ll be up to date after this one.

May 24th

Strike the Blood II episode 7

I haven’t been keeping up with the new Strike the Blood OVA series unfortunately since they have had some pretty good bath scenes so far but it looks like the last two episodes came out. Unfortunately all we got was a lame male onsen scene where a female in a swimsuit joins. I swear in a perfect world bathing in swimsuits would be banned.

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism episode 7

We have a conclusion to the bath scene from last episode with Fudou having to join Satori in the bath to hide him.

At the end of the episode we get some off screen bathing implied with two other characters.


May 26th

Hinako Note episode 8

We get another great bath scene with Hinako. I do wish they would show us other characters bathing in this series but this series hasn’t made this one stale just yet since it still looks great,

Hinako Note8_2Hinako Note8_5

Twin Angel Break episode 8

Speaking of stale bath scenes….. I am REALLY GETTING SICK OF THIS. Can they please make a more different bath scene. This is reaching “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar” level with how much they are just recycling the exact same bath scene but slightly altering it to seem like a new one. I am reaching the point where I would prefer this series to stop having bath scenes than to just keep repeating this one.

We get to see Sumire get out of the tub (….kinda?) but the view is block so this slightly new action still seems like nothing.

Twin Angel Break8_8Twin Angel Break8_10

May 27th

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai episode 6

This show was definitely the highlight of the week as its been for a few recent weeks. We start of with a bubble bath scene with Lucifer and Leviathan and its great to see them finally use that bathtub in their penthouse finally.

Lucifer takes a shower right afterwards before being transported out of it.

Seven Mortal Sins6_12

Later on we get a fantastic hot spring battle. Alot of pink and white in this scene, it looks great.

Later on we get a waterfall shower

and finally near the end we return to the hot spring for a rematch

Seven Mortal Sins6_27Seven Mortal Sins6_28

and we get some bikini armor made out of water which I guess technically counts as bathing as well.

Seven Mortal Sins6_29

This series has been so damn good when it comes to bathing scenes so far. I have said already in previous posts with its very creative and unique bathing scenes and interesting environments, this has become my favorite show this season when it comes to bathing. The best part is that we still have six more episodes, I am really excited to see what kind of baths this series gives us down the line.

May 28th

Eromanga-sensei episode 8

We get a nice bath scene with Sagiri and what makes this scene great is that its an anime original scene that wasn’t in the manga meaning that there is more potential of newer unexpected bath scenes in the future. My fingers are crossed for an Elf Yamada bath scene.

Eromanga Sensei8_1Eromanga Sensei8_2

Tsugumomo episode 9

We only get a small bath scene this week but I’m ok with it since we already have been getting alot of amazing bath scenes from the previous episodes and it is still different since its a new character and a different bathroom.


Overall this was a very average week with Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai being the only really big thing we got and everything else being pretty small. At this point I am caught up on posts just in time for the next post to be the current week. Once again I apologize with how late I have been on many of the recent posts.

If I ended up missing any please tell me in the comments since I know I did miss some on last weeks post. Also if there is any type of subject relating to anime and bathing scenes you want me to make a post about just tell me.

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