As we have now gotten into the final month of this anime season, most of the series have gotten more focused on their story and have less down time for bathing scenes so I won’t be expecting much for the next few weeks but will still be reporting what does come out.

June 6th

Cinderella Girls Gekijou episode 10

We get ourselves another onsen scene. Is it me or has the very few times any idolmaster related media has any form of bathing scenes in recent years its just been onsens. I probably expect to much from this franchise for years since the Xenoglossia series had alot of interesting bath scenes i enjoyed (I know most fans hate that series and I’m one of the oddballs that likes it).

June 7th

Room Mate episode 9

So we technically do get a female bathing scene but its in first person view as the protagonist of this series is a silent female character that we only see through her eyes. Then all the male characters get into the bath house and she has to hide from them as they bathe.

Also this picture has been in the ending credits for a few episodes but forgot to include it on a previous post. They are naked and interacting with water so I guess it does kind of count as bathing.

Room Mate ED

June 9th

Renai Bouken episode 10

This series has had a severe lack of bathing in it other than Guri’s towel scene back in episode 3. The good news it four characters took a bath this episode but unfortunately we as a viewer only actually see two of those baths. Guri’s bathing once again only ends up off screen.

Renai Boukun10_1

Seiji ends up having the longest bath scene of this episode. All the shots are great but It is disappointing that his bath scene is the most bathing we have gotten on a series that is staring prominently female characters.

Next up Akane takes a bath but unfortunately just like Guri it ends up off screen and we only see her in a bathrobe.

Renai Boukun10_7

The only female bath scene we get is Yuzu which is a very short single shot wanting to soak in Akane’s used bathwater.

Renai Boukun10_8

I am happy with what we recieved in the episode but it doesn’t help that I desire to see both Guri and Akane take baths and we didn’t see it in this episode.

Twin Angel Break episode 10

I’m not gonna get mad at this episode since I guess we got a kind of different bath scene than usual. We haven’t had a scene where just Sumire takes a bath alone so I guess that can get checked off.


June 11th

Tsugumomo episode 11

Tsugumomo once again delivers us another good bath scene with Kiriha and Kazuya. Nothing about this situation is any new or different but we still got some new variation of shots.

Tsugumomo 11 1Tsugumomo 11 2Tsugumomo 11 7Tsugumomo 11 8

We also see some of the previous bathing and fanservice scenes in on a screen

Tsugumomo 11 14

Next week is going to be the last episode of this show and the episode previews still show us that we will be getting one last bathing scene.

That is all the bathing scenes we had this week. I’m expecting it to be very light these next 2 or 3 weeks since most of the series are too busy focusing on their actual plot to have bathing.

If I ended up missing any please tell me in the comments and if there is any type of subject relating to anime and bathing scenes you want me to make a post about just tell me. Check out the wiki’s 2017 Bathing Scene List to see all of the bathing scenes that came out so far this year. You can also check out what bathing scenes came out last week.