We have only one or two weeks left of the season but there was some pleasant surprises this week which I wasn’t expecting.

June 13th

Frame Arms Girl episode 11

I never really expected much from this series back when it started and we did two small bathing scenes early in the series but I never expected to be graced with the glorious onsen episode we were given by this weeks episode. This onsen episode was quite fantastic, the amount of fanservice given is large with quite a lot of nice butt focus. Not only is it an onsen scene but we also get a bath house scene going on at the same time.

Frame Arms Girl11_2Frame Arms Girl11_5Frame Arms Girl11_7Frame Arms Girl11_8Frame Arms Girl11_9Frame Arms Girl11_10Frame Arms Girl11_15Frame Arms Girl11_22Frame Arms Girl11_23Frame Arms Girl11_26Frame Arms Girl11_35

Definitely one of the best bath scenes to come out this year and has made the top 10.

June 16th

Twin Angel Break episode 11

FINALLY!!! We get a bath scene that is different and not only that its practically the exact kind of bath scene I personally wanted. We get Mary taking a bubble bath in a clawfoot tub which is pretty short but the few shots we get look pretty great. I sure wish we got more bathing from her but I’m really greatful that there was atleast one scene like this before the series ends next week.

Twin Angel Break 11 1Twin Angel Break 11 3Twin Angel Break 11 4

June 17th

Kyoukai no Rinne episode 61

We get a short bath house scene but unfortunately we only see the male side.

Rinne 61 2

June 18th

Eromanga-sensei episode 11

We get an ofuro scene with Sagiri in a flashback. We don’t really see much actual bathing other than some hair shampooing through the door.

Tsugumomo episode 12

We get one final bathing scene in the Tsugumomo finale. The scenarios doesn’t seem like anything new but we still got alot of great shots and fanservice. I also have to praise how this scene makes a simple unit bathtub look very nice and inviting with that glowing water, though we don’t see anyone bathe in it this time.

Tsugumomo 12 3Tsugumomo 12 5Tsugumomo 12 10Tsugumomo 12 14Tsugumomo 12 22

That is it for this week, some shows have started ending this week and a bunch more will end next week. I am hoping some of those series provide bathing scenes in their final episodes.

If I ended up missing any please tell me in the comments and if there is any type of subject relating to anime and bathing scenes you want me to make a post about just tell me. Check out the wiki’s 2017 Bathing Scene List to see all of the bathing scenes that came out so far this year. You can also check out what bathing scenes came out last week.