This week was almost dead when it came to bathing scenes. Most series at this point are on their final episode and didn’t have time to show characters bathing but we still got some stuff late into the week.

June 23rd

Twin Angel Break episode 12

The series is finally over and while it was the only series this season that provided us with a bathing scene every episode I was utterly disappointed with how boring the bath scenes this series constantly pumped out were. They give us one final one and It is still boring and looks recycled.


June 24th

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai episode 10

It was a very ecchi heavy episode and it did supply us with some bathing-like scenes. The first was a scene where Satan loses her clothes and is standing naked in a bunch of sludge which engulfs her body.

and then the second bathing scene we get is of Leviathan and Astaroth ending up naked in a river and falling off a waterfall.

Seven Mortal Sins10_7Seven Mortal Sins10_8Seven Mortal Sins10_11

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria episode 11

We get a short skinny dipping scene with a few of the characters. We seem to get quite a few skinny dipping scenes in this area throughout the entries in this franchise.

Sword Oratoria11_1Sword Oratoria11_2Sword Oratoria11_5

Hina Logic: From Luck & Logic episode 1

Looks like Summer season has technically started now that this has started airing. Luck & Logic gave us one great bath scene last year and this spin-off series seems to be going full force when it comes to baths. First we get a short bathing scene near the beginning

and then later we get a much longer bathing scene with more of the cast around.

Hina Logic1_7Hina Logic1_8Hina Logic1_9Hina Logic1_11Hina Logic1_12Hina Logic1_13Hina Logic1_14

I am going to expect that this series is going to have a lot of bath taking in it. They have a bath house and an onsen at their academy and the house keeper is said to be on top of making sure things are clean and tidy so I assume these girls are going to have a lot of mandatory bathing. I am really hoping they diversify these bath scenes though and not just pulling what Ange Vierge did where every episode just felt like it was just being the same bath scenes all the time.

June 25th

Eromanga-sensei episode 12

Eromanga-sensei concluded and unfortunately the episode itself didn’t provide us with any bathing scene but the ending credits gave us an extra scene where we find out Masamune was bathing and Sagiri accidentally sees him when he gets out.

Eromanga Sensei12_2Eromanga Sensei12_3

It looks like this finally wraps up the end of the Spring 2017 season for the most part. I will be making a post later highlighting the best bathing scenes of this season. If I ended up missing any please tell me in the comments and if there is any type of subject relating to anime and bathing scenes you want me to make a post about just tell me.

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