I have decided that I am not going to make anymore season updates. This doesn’t mean that this blog will die, I have decided to start making other kinds of posts instead. I haven’t been having as much fun trying to skim episodes of every show just to look for bathing scenes in time to make these posts as I have admitted several times that I don’t actually watch a big chunk of these shows. The wiki’s 2017 Timeline which I also write already keeps track of that stuff so you will be able to see the new bathing scenes being added to that.

What I will be doing on this site now is top 10 lists, indepth reviews of individual bathing scenes and other topics related to bathing scenes. The posts won’t be too irregular but won’t be on the weekly schedule they were when I was doing the season updates and instead will be whenever I have an idea for a post. Thanks for reading and please continue to stick around.