The first week of the Summer anime season has started and surprisingly got a good amount of bathing scenes.

June 29th

New Game!! episode 1

We see a shower head after an implied shower happened. New Game has gave us some amazing bathing scenes in the past, let’s hope this second season delivers us another great one down the road.

New Game S2

July 1st

Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic episode 2

Get another onsen scene with some different characters. Looking forward to more baths in this series. Seems likely that this series is probably gonna have the most bathing in it than the rest of the series this season.

July 2nd

Fate/Apocrypha episode 1

In the manga adaptation, all these people are supposed to be naked in these tanks and the anime did some censorship bullshit by making them wear swimsuit-like clothing.

These tubes appear quite often throughout the series so I won’t report on every instance they are shown but I do look forward to later on in this series since the fourth novel gives us a bath scene with Ruler in a slipper tub but I don’t expect to see that until the second cour of the season in fall.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ episode 1

Shower room in the first episode. I’m really hoping for at least one good bath scene in this series. There’s always great bath artwork for this series but the three actual season’s that have been out haven’t delivered a whole lot in comparison.

July 3rd

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou episode 1

Looks like this apartment building has an underground hot spring and will probably be the prominent bathing facility in the series.

Youkai Apartment1_2

July 4th

Isekai Shokudou episode 1

Looks like Silver Link celebrated America’s birthday by giving the world a new shower scene. On a serious note I do really enjoy the style of this series and I hope we get to see more types of bathing scenes in it.

Isekai Shokudou1_1Isekai Shokudou1_2

July 5th

Saiyuki Reload Blast episode 1

We get to see a nice ofuro scene with male characters. Unfortunately I don’t expect to see any female bathing in this series due to its entirely prominent male cast. The world definitely needs more wooden barrel tub scenes.

Saiyuuki Reload Blast1

July 6th

Sakura Quest episode 14

Sakura Quest hasn’t had a bath scene since episode 2 and we thankfully got a much better and full one than the short one we got previously. Yoshino takes a bath with her sister Nagisa over at their parent’s house and converse with each other to catch up on things. Showing the character actually getting into the tub is always something appreciated in bath scenes.

Sakura Quest14_1

July 7th

Dive!! episode 1

Another male fanservice focused series. We get a bath scene and I feel like we most likely won’t be getting any female bathing in this series as well due to its male focus.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits episode 1

We get a short little bath scene and some off screen bathing with another character. I don’t know what to expect from this series but it atleast broke into the world of bathing scenes at the beginning.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan episode 1

The fact that an anime about the Vatican had a shower scene in the first episode made me laugh. Not much just the male protagonist showering and I’m not sure if were gonna get any female bathing in this series as it is another male prominent cast series.

July 8th

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai episode 11

We get a little dream bathing with Lucifer right at the very beginning.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul episode 14

We get two bath scenes this episode. Our first one is a very short one with a male character

Bahamut Virgin Soul14_1

and the second (one that matters) is a hot spring scene. We had a short one a few episodes back but this is an actual lengthy one with much more female focus.

Bahamut Virgin Soul14_4Bahamut Virgin Soul14_5Bahamut Virgin Soul14_6Bahamut Virgin Soul14_8Bahamut Virgin Soul14_9Bahamut Virgin Soul14_16Bahamut Virgin Soul14_18

some kids interrupt and end the sceneBahamut Virgin Soul14_21Bahamut Virgin Soul14_23

The end card for the episode is fantastic and I will definitely be adding this picture to my backgrounds folder. My only criticism about the image is that Nina should have had some butt poking out of the water given the position she is laying in and the shallowness of the water given by the other girls legs.Bahamut Virgin Soul14_24

July 9th

Ballroom e Youkoso episode 1

So I guess this series had a bath scene that I almost missed. I’ve seen this manga around and I tried looking through random chapters in the past for bathing scenes but never found anything and wasn’t expecting it. Maybe there are some in this series now that I’ve seen episode 1 of this had a bath.


July 10th

Battle Girl High School episode 2

The girls move into a dorm building and later have a moderately fanservicey bath in it. I find it weird and unfitting that the dorm looks like an old europeon building but it has some high tech bath house in it but whatever it looks cool.


Megami #207

This month was really weak for bathing posters. We only got a Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Reflection poster which is a pretty solid poster but I feel like this series has had better Megami bath posters in this past especially when none of the series that are actually airing in both of the spring and summer seasons had bath posters this month.

Nanoha Reflection Megami


Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic episode 4

the preview at the end of episode 3  (which unfortunately didn’t have any bathing in it) showed us that there will be a scene where someone blows onto a bar of soap and creating bubbles. This could be related to bathing but the shot doesn’t show us much other than the soap bar sitting in a hand and the girls face blowing it. There could atleast be a high chance of there being a bathing scene in it.

That is it for the first week of the anime season. We had quite a lot of bathing related scenes for a first week and I got a good feeling about this season when it comes to bathing scenes. I am looking forward to seeing a bathing scene in the most is Princess Principal mostly because I like the characters and setting and really really hoping to see some bath scenes in that series.

If I ended up missing any please tell me in the comments and if there is any type of subject relating to anime and bathing scenes you want me to make a post about just tell me.

Check out the wiki’s 2017 Bathing Scene List to see all of the bathing scenes that came out so far this year. I will also be making a post compiling the best bathing scenes of last season and posting that next.